The form of art known as Drag

In this post you can hear my recent interviews about Drag, and the reality tv show Rupaul’s drag race. Three individuals gave their most honest opinion on a topic they might or might not know anything about. This was done with the intention to see if people know about the artistic phenomenon known as drag which is typically done by homosexual men, but has expanded into it accepting any form of drag artists, no matter their sex.




Art by Cassandra Jane for the Shadowhunter Series.

Clarissa “Clary” Fray is the titular character in the first installment of the mortal instruments. She is a teenage girl who just turned fifteen years old, and soon discovers that the normal world she knew is anything but. Through her ventures she discovers a myriad of things from her actual heritage that explains how she comes from a long line of half angel warriors with the holy mandate to eradicate demons, to her father being the main antagonist of the first arc of the books. It is with through her own tenacity that she is able to overcome many obstacles, but none of it would’ve been possible if not for her close friends, and new allies she earns along the way.


This blog will be dedicated to detailing the differences between the shadowhunters series, and the books from which the show was adapted from. I shall showcase visual differences between the characters and actors, point out the discrepancies in the show writing and where they deviated from the original content. Albeit, I shall also be praising on the creative form the show writers have been pushing the show that has been renewed for a third season.